Traditional houses, untouched forests, endemic plants and archaeological remains await you.

The distance from Akseki district to Antalya city center is about 150 km, and its history traces to 1288. The town has a broad valley by the Manavgat River to the Taurus Mountains. It has a rugged and mountainous view that is suitable for its structure. Its altitude is 1.050 m, and its area is 2.083 km², and has 51 neighbourhoods. According to 2019 data, the district’s population is 11,484. Akseki is one of the centers for alternative tourism with natural beauties and clean air.

Akseki, which has a population of 11,484 according to 2019 data, is one of the important centers in alternative tourism with its natural beauties and clean air. Akseki, one of the world’s countries with the richest diversity of plant species which are endemic to 3 in Turkey also hosts 11 species of snowdrop. The Snowdrops Festival, which was held in April and attracted great attention from foreign tourists, is one of the activities worth seeing in the district. 


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