The Mediterranean Region is Vaccinating

Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Authority, after completion of analysis ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ given vaccine, also began to be made to health professionals working in Akdeniz University Hospital.

Health workers will be vaccinated in 25 vaccination rooms created by the Ministry of Health’s directives in a different place from other patients in Akdeniz University Hospital K Block. Akdeniz University Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ender Terzioğlu said, “We have allocated an area in our hospital so that these vaccines can be given regularly. Here we have 25 rooms reserved for vaccination. Vaccination started in each room in the company of our nurses and physicians. We have also performed our first vaccine. In the continuation of the process, after the healthcare professionals in our hospital are vaccinated, our citizens’ vaccination process will start with the delivery of the vaccines to our citizens with the guidance of our Ministry of Health. He spoke in the form.

Akdeniz University Hospital Deputy Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Özge Turhan said, “Our 25 vaccine rooms are ready in line with the instructions of our Ministry of Health. The more people we can vaccinate to survive this epidemic process, the better. First of all, we start to vaccinate our people with healthcare professionals or a central appointment system. Our citizens will be able to make an appointment through the central appointment system after our healthcare professionals. Vaccination will continue according to priority groups. According to the appointments, we are ready to vaccinate everyone with our nurses and doctors with great capacity.”