Antalya, which has numerous activities from the first lights of the day until midnight, hosts pleasant moments.


Antalya, the jewel of the Mediterranean coast, draws attention with historical and different activities as well as natural beauty. Antalya, which has hosted many different civilizations throughout history, has many ancient ruins that shed light on history. Some of the ruins unearthed are exhibited in museums in different parts of the city. Apart from archaeological museums; where there are many museums such as photography museum, toy museum, nostalgic vehicle museum, sand sculpture museum and marine biology museum, which is museum heaven for those who like to visit the museum.

Theme Parks

Antalya, the address of fun, adrenaline and excitement; the world’s largest tunnel aquarium, Europe’s best water park, Turkey’s most giant Ferris wheel, and became a partner of entertainment with many activities. Antalya, where you can have a unique experience for all guests of all ages, make discoveries at any moment; awaits you with aquariums, water parks and amusement parks. Join the joy all over the city.

Must See

Fascinating viewing terraces, mysterious streets, parks and blue voyage cruises … Antalya, the capital of tourism, is an excellent opportunity to discover new places. In Antalya, where you will have a vacation full of surprises, there is a different beauty in each corner of the city. Enjoy being in the Mediterranean while exploring the attractions of the city among the citrus trees.


Antalya, as well as the luxury hotels and resorts, is among Turkey’s most visited cities with important camping areas. You can camp in many free areas with your tent, or you can spend a comfortable holiday in the heart of nature with charged camping areas. Antalya, which is suitable for camping throughout the year because of the favourable climate, draws the attention of caravan lovers. An unforgettable camping experience awaits you next to the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea or in the shadow of the pine forests.